Galtway Marketing

Enterprise Consulting Services

At Galtway Marketing we understand that marketing ties directly into your sales operations, and we have to desire and ability to bring your sales and marketing efforts up to speed with the most current technologies. With the evolvement of business tool technologies and techniques, the “business as usual” approach is embarrassingly outdated. Companies do not want to be sold the same way, so why do we continue to hire and train the historic sales approach?

We take a MAX results approach and our goal is to build a diverse and profitable customer base that is fully traceable and managed by senior management and shareholders on a quarterly basis. We teach you how to create strategic goals and tactical plans that develop deep customer relationships and entrench your sales and marketing goals throughout the market. Through networking, lead generation, lead qualification, RFQ to order entry, we work with management to remain aware of sales activities while not stifling a salesperson’s ability to move freely which shifts the focus and energy to result driven productivity.

The Galtway Marketing team works with your management team on strategic goals and set in motion a full complement of today’s top technologies that create enterprise value through the most current and up to date CRM, enterprise systems, live forecasting with immediate adjustments available if the tactics aren’t working, and the ability to turn a new or low performers into dynamic closers who add value on a daily basis. No more “good guy with donuts.” We turn salespeople into sales professionals... quickly.

We live by three absolutes:

1You will be better tomorrow than you are today.

2You may lose an order, but it will not be a result of being outworked.

3Wherever you think the bar is... It is being raised.